Olaf, can you tell me about your role with Cristallux?
In essence I am managing our projects of bespoke decorative lighting fixtures from A to Z. From acquisition to design and development until delivery. We are a family business, and we all have a certain “role” of course, but the scope of my father’s, mother’s, sister’s, and mine taps into every area of the business.

For complex fixtures we offer installation, which I am part of as well for example. I very much enjoy going onboard being part of the installation crew – the reward of seeing first-hand what you have created and built at the end of the day, but most of all the learning and know-how for following projects is unmatched.

What has been one of the best projects you’ve worked on?
One of our most recent is certainly within the top of many great projects over the years. Cristallux provided the entire decorative lighting scope of the Time Machine Restaurant onboard of AIDAcosma (second of Helios class after AIDAnova).

We developed, manufactured, and installed over 110 unique lighting fixtures together with a massive control unit run on 4 channel DMX system. The absolute highlight was our “bubble tubes” – lighting fixtures filled with water and air bubbles inside, which are also controlled via DMX. It took about 7 months of development and lots of collaboration between all parties involved to make this amazing project an absolute success.

Check out the video here: YouTube Video

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working?
I love being around and on water. Taking my small boat for a drive is everything to me and no matter how stressful times are, being out sailing gives me an instant reboot.

Pitty fact: Half of my time I am based in the Netherlands with poor weather. The other half I am in the Black Forest Germany, where Cristallux is based, with no open water around at all. Though loving the mountain view I prefer wakeboarding over snowboarding.

Thank you very much Olaf, we love having you in the CSI+ community!