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Great ship, great for networking and meeting new suppliers/contractors. Nice to see other operating lines and be on different ships to see how things are laid out and managed.

Samantha Long
Facilities Superintendent , Carnival UK

The event was very well organised (as always) but the thing I like the most about CSI events is the community they manage to bring together each time.

Guy Charlton
Sales Executive, Waterbury Bathroom Accessories

Really well organized, you are able to attract a great guest list. looking forward to the next one.

Guri Blindheim
Interior Marine Architect MNIL, Atlantic Marine Interiors

Well organised, perfectly executed, amazing venue, presenters / hosts attuned to their audience.

Craig Harris
General Manager – Cruise Division, Tower Supplies

Very well organised . Always welcoming . Great opportunities to network with key people . Venue & hospitality outstanding

Kerry Knight
Head of Architecture & Design Business Development , Yarwood Leather

The event was spectacular, despite the bad unavoidable weather, I was greeted at the door by the wonderful CSI team of Nikita and Claudia, and then met by Maddalena from Gessi, who welcomed me at the bar with a drink. I met some great new people and caught up with some already known colleagues, and viewed some of the wonderful products on display by Gessi. Great collaboration between CSI and Gessi.

Brent Sebro
Procurement Manager – Newbuild, Virgin Voyages

Being able to hear from a top executive like James McIntyre from MSC Cruises makes the CSI+ membership worthwhile.

Oytun Troy
Owner, Songullini Lighting

I enjoyed James McIntyre’s presentation and description of how MSC handles procurement for new builds and refurbishing at the CSI+ Mastering Marine Design Online Workshop on Understanding the Supply Chain. Good questions from Toby Walters. Session successfully addressed much of the procurement process within MSC and what vendors need to know. Well done by all!

Patricia Hayes
Owner, Patricia Hayes & Associates, Inc.

I left the Mastering Marine Design Online Workshop Event on Understanding the Supply Chain with a clearer understanding of what is important for MSC Cruises and for that matter the rest of the Cruise Lines – Sustainability.

Anita Tønnessen
Head of International Sales, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik

It was amazing to attend the wonderful CSI+ event onboard of MSC Virtuosa. I have been in this business for many years but it was my first time on board an MSC and I hope to be able to return soon. Thanks to the whole CSI+ team and congratulations for the excellent organization.

Andrea Ceruti
VP of Sales, Radici Marine

What a great CSI+ event last Friday on MSC Virtuosa in Southampton. Thank you very much. This was a great opportunity to maintain existing contacts and make new ones.

Sven Hackbarth
Key Account-Manager, dormakaba Deutschland GmbH

Great trip to Southampton last week for the CSI+ event, thanks for setting up a great day/ night networking and a tour around the MSC Virtuosa Ship.

Steven Davies
Sales Manager, Waterbury Bathroom Accessories LTD

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for CSI+’s MSC Virtusa Networking Lunch & Tour event – we had a great time and found the Q&A session really insightful. The hospitality was excellent and so was the tour… we met some great people along the way, too. It’s great to start properly networking in a relatively new industry for us.

Michaela Rowland
Marketing Manager, Greenspan Projects

I had a great time at the CSI+ Event which included a tour and networking lunch of the MSC Virtuosa, we are becoming like a family of cruise ship industry, it is very important to be back to face to face events. 

Oriol Meliz
Export Area Manager, LedsC4

Very glad I attended the CSI+ event which included a Networking Lunch and tour of the MSC Virtuosa as I had missed the previous social in Southampton last year. There was a great mix of suppliers, designers, contractors and cruise operators and the size of the group made it easier and more relaxed for networking. The format of the panel discussion was great, the participants were very clear and really informative. A great lunch and an excellent tour of the ship. Well done to Claudia, Nikita, Toby and the rest of the CSI team for arranging the event and making it so enjoyable and well organised.

Carl Nash
UK Contracts Sales Manager, Sanderson Design Group

The MSC Virtuosa Networking Lunch and Tour was the single best event CSI+ hosted from a learning perspective. I learned so much more than I already knew… networking was good too. Lunch was brilliant!

Dafydd Watkins
Head of Global Cruise Sales, Panaz

CSI+ is THE platform for me to grow my business within the cruise ship community. I have been photographing cruise ships since 2015, initially for a cruise line, later increasingly for architects, contractors and suppliers. Networking with the other participants would not have been possible without attending the shows in London and Miami but also through the CSI+ network. Here I can identify my contacts and contact them without any hurdles. All members meet at eye level and support each other. CSI+ is a great community. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a foothold in this industry.

Alexander Rudolph
Owner & Photographer, Marine Interior Images

MJM find CSI+ to be invaluable for engaging with operators, suppliers, influencers, and peers within the marine industry. Membership has been particularly useful for me as I joined our company just as things came back to life from the pandemic. The CSI+ team have been so helpful in making introductions and promoting our brand.

It’s been the perfect platform to showcase MJM’s core services and newer additions to our offering like our carpet /upholstery division and VYV our antimicrobial lighting partnership. We look forward to CSI+ events and the sense of community they have created. The Miami and London shows will be highlights within our 2023 plans.

Fiona Nevin
Business Development Manager, MJM Marine

The cruise industry seems to be a tight-knit community that is not so easy to get into. I think this is where the strength of CSI+ lies – bringing people together to achieve a better result for the industry.

Sven Hackbarth
Key Account Manager, dormakaba Deutschland GmbH

CSI+ works hard to connect people in the cruise industry, helps make business connections and forge strong business relationships. They also help to educate people who are interested in being a part of the cruise industry.

Lisa Darroh-Pouls
Interior Designer and Architecture, Pouls Hospitality Design

I have just joined CSI+ and taken part in my first CSI+ Community Networking Hour and have already connected with key industry contacts. The CSI+ team are professional and actively want to better connect the industry. I look forward to future events and growing my global cruise interiors community network.

Georgina Courtney
Business Development Manager, Northern Lights

I enjoy the forma and concept of being able to move around the room. The table shuffles worked better than I anticipated. I have found that the social and networking aspects of this industry are important to me both professionally and personally. CSI+ is the perfect platform for that now, and moving into the future.

Bree Louie
Hotel Superintendent, Holland America Cruise Line

CSI+ has given us lots of networking opportunities. I really like the flexibility of these events because it allows you to move around and talk with different people in this industry and the table shuffles works perfectly as it gives you the opportunity to be in a group a 3-4 people randomly and exchange experiences each other as well as making new contacts.

Oriol Méliz
Export Area Manager, LedsC4

In a very short space of time, I was able to engage with- and organise meetings with – a design firm in Florida, an outfitter in Southampton, and connect with people it would have taken me months to meet. The set up here for the cruise industry is second to none. Thank you, team CSI+!

Dafydd Watkins
Head of Global Cruise Sales, Panaz

It’s a great place to both meet new people and companies and get introduced to new technology and products as they come to market. It provides an informal place for me to stay connected with current suppliers and manufacturers. It’s a useful forum to discuss the supply chain with other owners. It’s a place for us to share challenges we face and what we need to overcome them.

Matt Easton
Hotel Refurbishment Manager, Marella Cruises

Great platform to catch up with other members! It is easy to use and very useful in creating new relationships. Keep it up!

Ignas Daugėla
Sales Manager, AROS Marine

CSI+ provides great opportunities to network with both clients and the wider supply chain and of course I like to let the members know how great The Deluxe Group is at every opportunity!

Karen Argue
Business Development Manager, The Deluxe Group

The networking opportunities have been fantastic with CSI+, having access to many of the cruise line staff and decision makers in what can be a more informal environment has been great to get to know our clients better in a more relaxed way.

Chris Colvin
Marine Sales Manager, Ulster Carpets

Really enjoyed the community and atmosphere. Also really enjoyed how the organisers help everyone meet people that are relevant to their business

Denys Shyrokov
COO, Green Dragon Marine

Top night, great to catch up with some familiar faces. Big shout out to CSI+ team!

Darren Smith
Head of Business Development, The SMS Group

It was just amazing! I love what you’re doing and how you are doing it! I can’t wait to see what’s next in Miami (I would totally recommend CSI to a friend, not to a competitor because you’re too good hehe!)

Maddalena Gamna
Key Account Manager Marine, Hansgrohe

What a great event, Matt Straker and I really enjoyed meeting some new contacts and introducing our actual faces to the industry. Thanks to everyone who took the time to speak with us and we look forward to meeting with you soon.

Tom Bates
Director, Stewart Signs

I valued the opportunity to continue face to face meetings to further enhance the working relationships that were originally formed at the trade shows in Miami, Barcelona and London. The CSI networking events are a fantastic way of helping our community to support each other. My personal experience is that CSI provides a professional platform for like-minded people to discuss business, share ideas and engage for the betterment of our industry.

Wayne Bowers
Head of Marine Services, Magicman Ltd

The venue was very flashy, which made me feel valued. Then to find out drinks were included only added to the magic. Great bunch of people, great event!

Matt Straker
Key Account Manager, Stewart Signs

CSI+ is great at keeping the community together. We are able to meet and have discussions with possible clients, suppliers and friends!

Sam Nash
Company Director, Kerry Johns Marine

The CSI+ Social was a great event. Everybody was very friendly and welcoming. It was our first time so this really helped!

Jesse Long
International Business Development Manager, Greenspan Projects

It’s great to reconnect with people in person, and also to be introduced to others I’ve not met before. It highlights the passion we all share in this industry and the collaboration we all share, despite some being our competitors. Fantastic!

Fiona Hann
International Business Development Manager, Superintendent, Royal Caribbean Group

Well done Claudia and Elite. It’s a great way to keep community bonds fresh and form new ones between the main shows.

Simon Dawkins
Director of Sales, Trimline

I was sceptical as to how the online networking would unfurl but credit where it’s due as it surpassed my expectations!

James Hobbs

I find that the CSI+ platform is innovative and is getting better and better, creating ways to engage with potential prospects in a productive atmosphere online.

Andrie Iglesias
Co-Founder, Co-Founder

I really like the platform so I could conveniently catch up with people I wanted to speak to. Very efficient during these times when we haven’t been able to meet face to face.

Pekka Vieno
Director, Marahens Group

It is an amazing format! I love the community and the online events we have once a month. It really brings the community together and gives us a chance to really network. The Estonian Marine community is so grateful for the CSI+ team. You have helped us to open so many doors. Cannot wait to see what happens after the Miami and London event. Keep on doing this amazing job!

Argo Silvdee
CEO & Founder, Estonian Marine & Manufacturing Initiative

I’ve always been a little sceptical about this kind of event, but CSI+ is on another level! Thank you for setting this up, looking forward to the next one, and then seeing everybody physically in London!!! I just love CSI+ and Elite Exhibitions! They do such amazing work in bringing together all sides of skilled workers in the Cruise Ship world. Thank you!

Daniele Peroni
Global Cruise Ship Sales, Electronic Theatre Controls

Each and every single product that you deliver deserves a round of applause. Guys, you are amazing!

Arkadi Berman
Managing Director, Eumar

CSI+ has done a great job of making a community feel for all its members. Not knowing a lot of people in the industry when we first joined, the constant content, introductions and CSI online networking hours helped us to start really getting to know not only some great clients but also some fantastic networking contacts from other suppliers. When restrictions finally got lifted it made the initial meetings in Miami a lot easier, and more fun! I had a month’s worth of key account meetings in just over 1 hour at the last Community Networking Hour!

Steven Davies
UK Sales Manager, Waterbury Bathroom Accessories

Fantastic events. Worth every penny of our membership.

Robert Wilkin
Senior Business Devlopment and Sustainability Manager, BakerBellfield Limited and LLC

This community is just amazing. It feels like a family. It is so easy to strike up a conversation, whether it was with a small subcontractor, the head of an architectural firm, or a cruise line executive.

Alexander Rudolph
Creative Director, Marine Interior Images

We are relatively new to the cruising industry and CSI+ provides a wealth of information as well as key contacts in the industry. The informal and innovative networking program is also a refreshing change from more traditional platforms

Carine Equeter
Director of Sales & Marketing, Morbern Europe

Being a member of CSI+ provides a platform for companies and likeminded individuals to come together, support each other and promote the Interior Cruise Ship newbuild, fitout and refurbishment sector. Atlantic Marine Interiors are passionate about every aspect of the industry and welcome the opportunity to expand our client base and engage with specialist contractors and suppliers in the fast-paced world of marine outfitting.

Paul Tedore
General Manager, Atlantic Marine Interiors

The platform works well to keep continuously in touch with the industry!

Georg Baumgartner
Technischer Vertriebsmitarbeiter, Lindner Group

The whole event was very professional and well organised. I thought the networking was excellent and preferred the allocated networking hour, as it meant meeting people you may not choose, who may end up making a recommendation of your business. Very impressed so far guys.

Matthew Jensen
Managing Director, Fraiserline