Meet… Andrie Igesias, Co-Founder of Andriali Contract!

Andrie, please can you tell me a bit about your role and the business?
My role in the company is client relations plus communicating to my partner Esra what is necessary to be taken to production, sampling, and fabric development, for the clients. My partner Esra and I communicate daily on what is being done in the factory to maintain our lead times, quality, and service on point.

I love what we do as a team. We are a unit that works together like a formula one team taking on every project seriously, ensuring that every part of the manufacturing process, from the yarn to the loom, to the finished product, is brought to life. Oh, what a wonderful feeling that is for us!

It’s great place to both meet new people and companies and get introduced to new technology and products as they come to market. It provides an informal place for me to stay connected with current suppliers and manufacturers. It’s a useful forum to discuss the supply chain with other owners. It’s a place for us to share challenges we face and what we need to overcome them.

What has been your favourite project?
This must sound a bit cliché, but every project is unique and has its challenges, but we always have fun and enjoy the entire process. I love the fast pace of work and different scopes of demanding requirements from the cruise industry. Making it all happen is very rewarding.

What are you most proud of?
I am very proud of our NGO, Asure USA Inc. We started it in 2020 and got approved as a 501(C)(3) Non-profit organization last year. In Tanzania, Africa, we open water wells and support 70 children in an orphanage in Dar es Salaam. We are working hard to improve what we are doing over there continually. Despite of the global challenges everyone has gone through since 2020, Esra and I were determined to do something valuable with the extra time on our hands by personally flying out to Tanzania to ensure that our efforts were going to the right place supporting the orphans and opening the water wells.

We promised each other that when we would reach a certain level of success with our business, we would dedicate a large percentage of our time and efforts to help and give back to those desperate children in need of basic necessities that are essential for life, for example, clean water, housing, education, and food. We are grateful to have the opportunity to exercise this lifetime dream through the Non-profit Organization we established, Asure USA Inc.

We are thankful to one of our most important clients, who inspired us during a meeting after we shared our vision and plans for establishing our NGO. They gave us the courage    to pursue our dreams with confidence that we will succeed in all our Non-profit endeavors and that we can count on their support.

Toby told Esra and I that CSIE would contribute and support our foundation, Asure USA. He said that for this summer at CSIE Miami 2022, he will come up with a marketing genius plan! Since he is a marketing genius, we have full confidence it will be something outstanding.

Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself? Is there anything we don’t know about you?
I am a musician, composer, songwriter, and videographer/photographer. Growing up, I had several bands since the age of 15 till the age of 27, playing in many venues touring up and down the east coast. I won the John Lennon songwriting contest for the Latin genre with one of the songs I composed and co-wrote. The song’s name is ESO with my band at the time Council of The Sun.

Below is the link for it on Spotify.

You can search my name on google Andrie Iglesias music for more!