Over the past year, the CSI+ Community had the privilege of engaging in exclusive Q&A sessions with various individuals from the Cruise Interior Design Industry who are making a difference in our sector. These individuals include Graeme Hyde of Lloyds Register, James McIntyre from MSC Cruises, Boris Ruskovsky, former Senior Director of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Willie Traeger from Holland America Line, Carolina Espinosa from Tomas Tillberg Design, and most recently, Aida Lora from Royal Caribbean Cruises. The CSI+ Community has learned so much from these exceptional individuals, and as a refresher, we have created a blog of top tips for our Members to integrate into their project conversations and plans.

Our top tips:

Building Trust

  • Be transparent about product information and sustainability credentials, and avoid greenwashing.
  • Assist in design selections by supporting designers with concept images and product suggestions that align with their specific project needs and design concepts.
  • Always offer alternatives, or withdraw product application if wrong from the project brief. 
  • Foster strong partnerships with designers and outfitters through regular meetings, follow-ups, and a willingness to contribute to the search for suitable products.
  • Have a good social media presence! Our niche community has found its home on LinkedIn and regularly posting about your company news makes it easier to build trust with current clients and find new ones. This is the same for your website – keep updating!

Prioritize People and the Planet

  • Be transparent about sustainability credentials and avoid greenwashing.
  • Prioritize Accessibility & ADA Compliance
  • Integrate culture into project or product presentations.
  • Partner with other suppliers to create a circular life cycle.

Networking & Engagement

  • Recognize the importance of networking within the industry and actively engage with designers and professionals to effectively showcase your products.
  • Understand the difference between networking and sales.
  •  Always follow up after recent discussions.

Understanding Approval Processes

  • Understand the complexities of approval processes in cruise decision-making and maintain flexibility and responsiveness to urgent requests without compromising product quality.
  • Get IMO Tested – Ensure products are tested and approved according to cruise industry standards, rather than relying on tests from other industries.

Maximise Space Efficiency & Guest Experience

  • Provide multi-functional product solutions to maximize space efficiency and cater to diverse demographics, ultimately enhancing guest experiences on board.
  • Bring pictures of your product in a cruise setting for cruise owners and shipyards to visualize, as designers can do it mentally.

In conclusion, the insights shared by our industry experts have equipped the CSI+ Community with valuable guidance. From building trust and prioritizing sustainability to effective networking and envisioning design solutions, these tips offer a roadmap for success in the Cruise Interior Design Industry. As CSI+ integrates these lessons into their projects, we begin a new chapter that will shape the future of our sector.