Earlier this month, China’s first domestically built large cruise ship was officially named and delivered. We interviewed the team behind it to learn more about this enchanting new vessel, Adora Magic City. Read on for an exploration of its spellbinding interior design and the large collaboration behind its creation.

Adora Magic City customises the template of vista-class ships for the domestic cruise market. What features on board are new for Adora Magic City? How are these designed to appeal to the domestic cruise market?

Adora Magic City is inspired by the great metropolises, combining the best of the East and the West to create a magical city on the sea. The paintings on board the ship Adora Magic City draw inspiration from Dunhuang mural art, with the theme of the Silk Road and features Dunhuang flying celestial beings and heavenly maidens scattering flowers in Chinese aesthetics. Furthermore, Adora Magic City will be the first cruise ship supported by 5G to ever sail the ocean. Passengers will enjoy constant communication with their loved ones at home, as well as the possibility of uploading photos and videos for sharing. In summary, this design of cultural and spiritual interaction may attract guests.

Are there any elements of interior design on board Adora Magic City that you’d like to highlight?

We have developed a lot of unique elements of interior design on board Adora Magic City, such as the exquisite design of the Atrium decorated with golden elements that drive you into the atmosphere of wealth and prosperity the moment you step on board. The noise and vibration level of Adora Magic City improves on the requirements. For example, Adora Magic City’s passenger rooms are less than 49 decibels, which is beyond the standard requirement, so guests will feel as though they are in their own comfortable home.

Are you able to discuss how SWS developed the capability to construct cruise ships?

SWS maintained in-depth cooperation with all partners around the world. We teamed up with Carnival, Fincantieri and other established companies with rich experiences in developing the cruise building business. Also, thanks to SWS’ reliable management capability, grown during the past twenty years, for building many complex marine and offshore projects, we’re able to successfully build this cruise ship with a high standard. Meanwhile, SWS made substantial preparations for constructing a cruise ship, such as facility improvement, organization optimization, building technology and IT customization. Take facility improvement as an example; SWS lengthened one drydock to 740 meters and built a dedicated laser panel line workshop in order to efficiently build a cruise ship.

Adora Magic City; Source: China SWS

Cruise construction is a big project featuring international cooperation, which also includes working together with international outfitters. We are open minded to further cooperation with these partners. In the meantime, we also encourage domestic outfitters to grow and cooperate with international players as we expect cruise ship construction in China to be a long running business for many years to come.

With the continuous growth of China’s economy and improvement of people’s well-being, we expect a growing and sustainable cruise market in China in the future.

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