Supplier Membership Information

This page provides you with all the important information about your CSI+ Supplier Membership.

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What is CSI+?

CSI+ is used to connect with forward-thinking professionals working within the cruise interiors sector. Membership gives VIPs the power to search and source suppliers, share their expertise in the sector, keep up-to-date with the latest trends and grow their professional network. For suppliers like yourself, it gives you visibility, promotional support, a growing network, and a place to learn about the industry.

What’s included within my membership?

  • Company-wide membership

CSI+ supplier membership is for the company not for an individual. This means anyone from your organisation can book onto events and make use of the benefits outlined below. You can easily add your colleagues in the ‘My Account’ section.

  • In-person networking and social events

Access to our exclusive in-person networking events and socials which include cruise ship tours and networking lunches,  design studio tours, parties, exclusive Q&As with cruise design leaders and more! Through regularly attending these networking events you will have the opportunity to establish a network, build valuable relationships with fellow members, increase your brand reputation, discover opportunities for collaboration and of course learn!

  • Immersive online networking and learning opportunities

Connect with the community from anywhere in the world through our dynamic online networking and educational events, fostering invaluable connections and knowledge exchange. The unique and engaging online event platform Remo allows us to bring together individuals from across the globe, in just 60 minutes or less.

  • Tailored brand awareness & promotional support

Work closely with the CSI+ team to promote your content on a regular basis and share what you and your company are working on with the wider network.

  • Company profile in the directory

Create your company profile to let the community know who you are, what you do, and what you’re working on. This is your virtual shop window.

  • Product catalogue listings

Showcase and promote your companies products through our product catalogue. The catalogue will be used by cruise lines, design studios, architects, and shipyards to source for upcoming projects.

  • Exclusive perks when attending CSI Design Expo Americas and Europe

As a CSI+  Member you can get CSI+ Passes for you and your colleagues (priced at $199/ £159 each) Your CSI+ Pass will get you access to:

– The Opening Party for CSI Americas & Europe
– Onsite CSI+ Networking events
– Use of the CSI+ Lounge
– Happy Hours Drinks Reception
– The CSI Awards

  • Access to a private members promotional LinkedIn group

Get exclusive access to a private community on LinkedIn. Engage and connect with other cruise ship interior professionals.

How do I book upcoming CSI+ member events?

You can view the upcoming events here.  Click ‘Book now’ and you will be directed to a booking form. Once you’ve submitted the form, we will process your details and you will receive confirmation from Please ensure this email address is added to your safe senders list.

How many places does my membership include?

Your membership typically includes one invitation to each online event, and one invitation to in-person socials, unless otherwise stated on the booking form. If someone else from your organisation is booked onto the same event, we will notify you. For some in-person event such as Ship Tours, we will offer you the chance to purchase additional tickets for your colleagues.

As a supplier to the cruise ship interiors industry and for the ultimate networking experience, we encourage you to invite you Cruise Executive clients to attend our events too. We would love for them to get involved and join our ever growing community. If you would like bring a plus one, please contact us in advance.

How do the CSI+ Online Meetups & Q&As work?

For Online Meetups & Q&As we use the event platform Remo Conference.

Prior to attending a CSI+ Online Meetup & Q&A we suggest signing up to the platform by registering your email address. This takes no longer than two minutes, you will receive confirmation via email once this is done.

Click here to sign up to Remo Conference. 

If you’re experiencing any technical problems with Remo, we suggest speaking to your IT department first as sometimes this could be down to your company’s firewall. If you would like to check your technology before entering an Online Meetup, click here to run a Remo Gear test. This will test your computer device, microphone, and camera before joining the online meetup. It will indicate a green tick if the system check is passed and a red ‘X’ if the system check has failed.

If the problem persists, please book in a Remo Tech check call with the CSI+ team so we can help! Book here.

Get familiar with CSI+’s networking & event etiquette

We host events to help you build relationships with your peers in the community. Remember:

  • This is not a time for hard-selling. This is a time to really get to know each other, share ideas, learn about the latest projects and get insights into what your colleagues are working on.
  • Be yourself!  People buy from people, it’s all about getting to know people on a personal level and sharing ideas across the network with the long-term goal of generating business.
  • Help each other. Make introductions where you can. What goes around comes around.

You can read more about the CSI+ networking top tips and how networking can help you get ahead of your competition in our most recent blog here.

Stay up to date

Join the CSI+ WhatsApp group

The CSI+ WhatsApp group will regularly keep you updated on the upcoming CSI+ events schedule and any other exciting announcements. Use your phone camera to scan the QR code below or click this link to join.

Join the CSI+ LinkedIn group

Use our CSI+ private members group on LinkedIn to post your content and engage with other members of the CSI+ community.

Join the CSI+ LinkedIn Group

(Please see more guidelines on best practice on using the LinkedIn group below)

How can I be more visible?

Outlined below is the brand awareness and promotional support included in your CSI+ membership.

Brand Awareness

Product Catalogue

Showcase your company’s products through our CSI+ Product Catalogue page here.

To add a new product to be featured, go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Products’ > Click ‘Add New Product’ > Input Product Information > Click ‘Publish’.

You are allowed to create 5 product profiles per account. Remember to regularly update these products to include your new product launches or ranges.

Supplier Directory

  • How to add a new profile in the supplier directory

To add a new profile in the community directory please go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Suppliers’ > ‘Add New Supplier Profile’ > Input Essential Information > Click ‘Publish’ or ‘Save Draft’.

Each company gets one profile per account.

  • How to edit an existing profile in the supplier directory

To edit a profile already on the company directory please go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Suppliers’ > Click ‘Edit’ and then amend any of the essential information. Once you have finished making your changes, click ‘Update to publish’ or click ‘Unpublish and save the draft’ to come back and edit at another time.

The use of social media

Cruise Ship Interiors and CSI+ use LinkedIn as our main social platform.


Below is where you can find and connect with the CSI+ and Cruise Ship Interiors community on social media



The CSI+ Community

It’s important to have a presence on LinkedIn and other forms of social media so other members of the community can connect and engage with you, your brand, and your content. Here’s some top tips on how to have a great online presence within the CSI+ Community.

  • Have a picture! It’s important that people know who you are as it makes it easier to recognise you when attending a CSI+ event.
  • Seize the opportunity to connect with all members of the CSI+ Members group, build your own community.
  • Like, comment, and engage in the content shared within the community. This also works in your favour, the algorithm goes on to recognise you as an engaged member of the community.
  • Be consistent! Although LinkedIn is the main social media channel we use, it’s just as important to keep your brand reputation going on other social media channels.

Using the CSI+ approved members crest

We suggest adding the CSI+ approved members crest to your website and to your email footers. This makes you recognisable in the community and shows you’re part of the ever growing community.

Download CSI+ approved members crest here.


Promotional Support 

Outlined below are the different ways CSI+ can support you with promoting your business and the content you have going out on a regular basis.

Community Notice Board

The community notice board (CNB) is a place for you to submit your exciting company news, press releases, charity events, case studies, links to your newsletters, insightful blog posts (and everything in between!).

We will select posts from the CNB for extra promotion via LinkedIn and the CSI+ Newsletter.

To add a post, head to ‘My Account’ > menu on the left select ‘Community Notices’ > add your content!

CSI+ Members LinkedIn Group

Join our private CSI+ members group on LinkedIn and share your content with the cruise ship interiors community! Posting content consistently can be daunting, so having a well-presented introductory post can be a great way to build presence on social media. Sharing a recent project and fun fact about yourself is an ideal first post.

This group is a safe place for you to engage with other members and share ideas or any of the following content:

  • Product launches
  • Blogs
  • News articles
  • Case studies
  • Upcoming events
  • Anything else you are looking to promote to the wider network

Meet the Member Q&A Interview

Promote you and your business by completing our CSI+ Meet the Member Interview. Introduce yourself to the community and give everyone an exclusive insight into the talented individual behind the successful business. Once you have completed the Q&A, we will transform it into a branded LinkedIn article which will be promoted via the LinkedIn members group, the community noticeboard and through our personal LinkedIn accounts.

Click here to complete.

Member Spotlight

The CSI+ Member spotlight allows you to highlight your most recent successes including projects, products, and company news. This is a chance for you to showcase your offerings to a wider CSI audience.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please share the desired content with a member of the CSI+ team.

Blog Feature

Send us your recent press releases for the opportunity to be featured on the blog.

Please note, we like to give everyone an equal opportunity to promote their content, please share the desired content with the team to determine which method of promotion is best suited.

Expected emails

You can expect to receive two emails per month from CSI+. One which will outline the upcoming events and another which will promote our community notice board.

How do I update or change my payment details?

If you need to change or update your card payment details, please call or email Nikita:

CSI+ Team & Key Contacts

Click here to meet the CSI+ Team! We’re a friendly bunch so at any point if you want a catch up, please just give us a call!

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